What Is Your Project?

Damtite offers a wide-range of high performance products providing reliable solutions for residential and commercial waterproofing projects. Homeowners, contractors and construction professionals in over 25 countries use Damtite products to repair, restore, waterproof, beautify and protect interior and exterior areas. As a leading manufacturer, our innovative materials provide long-lasting solutions for any of your masonry needs. Whether you are creating, repairing, or improving structures, Damtite’s versatile product lines offer solutions all over the world.

Damtite Decorative Waterproofing

Decorate & Waterproof

Damtite Clear Concrete Sealer

Protect with Clear Sealers

Damtite Patching Repairs and Resurfacing

Patch, Repair & Resurface

Damtite Waterproofing Anchor Cement

Anchor & Secure

Damtite Decorative Waterproofing

Seal Potable Water Cisterns

Damtite Decorative Waterproofing

Coat High-Alkaline Concrete

All of our powder products, including our Powder Waterproofers, Hydraulic/Anchor Cements and Concrete Patches, are made with the materials from the Earth’s natural minerals. Application of our Powder Products reduces CO² emissions as they do not expel Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere. Application of these products reduces energy waste on heating or air conditioning by insulating the surface coated or patched and improves indoor air quality measures. Our containers are also recyclable.

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